Montenegro associates to FP7

The signing ceremony of MoU between European Commission and Montenegro took place in Brussels, on january 25, 2008.

Montenegro is 5th in the line of WBC that has officially become associated to FP7. Montenegrin researchers are considered as `eligible` for participating in all FP7 actions as of January 1, 2008, but formal procedure of signing the Memorandum of Understanding between EC and Montenegro took place in Brussels, on January 25.

Commissioner Janez Potocnik, who signed the MoU on behalf of EC, pointed out that:
“Today's decision is a very positive and important one, not only for the scientific future of Montenegro, but also for its political future. Full participation in the research framework programme brings Montenegro into the European Research Area and I believe this is important in helping Montenegro prepare itself for membership of the EU,”
He also added: “In addition to forging links with scientists and companies across Europe, Montenegro will have new opportunities to work with its regional partners in addressing common challenges. "

On Montenegrin part, the Memorandum was signed by Ms Slavica Milacic, Head of Montenegrin mission in Brussels. Ms Milacic said:

“Today’s Agreement represents one more crucial step forward in bringing Montenegro towards the European Research Area and closer to the European Union. It proves that the Government is recognizing the importance of innovation, education, research and technological development for building up a knowledge-based society. There is enhanced awareness of their fundamental role for sustainable development, competitiveness and welfare“.

Being approved the ``associated status`` gives many more opportunities to Montenegrin research community and opens doors to all FP7 calls and actions, which has not been case so far. As both, Mr Potocnik and Ms Milacic said, signing MoU is a major step forward in the overall integration process. It surely does reinforce the commitment to the European future expressed by the whole Montenegrin society.

inserted by Tatjana KNEZEVIC on 2008-02-08 16:11:08