A new ICT Collaborative Network has recently made available on the SCORE portal

SCORE – EU funded project “Strengthening the Strategic Cooperation between the EU and Western Balkan Region in the field of ICT Research” recently made available an ICT Collaborative Network that further enhances the networking potential of the portal: http://www.score-project.eu.

During the first project year the activities of SCORE have been mainly addressed to define the ICT research priorities in each Western Balkan partner country following an open consultation process. Four country-specific ICT Strategic Research Agendas, as well as a Policy Paper with “Recommendations for shaping EU scientific co-operation with the Western Balkan Region in the field of ICT research: 2007-2013” have been accordingly developed for the EU Commission, and will be made available soon to the public community.

Besides the other activities, the project team has also implemented an information portal providing also networking opportunities to its registered members.

By registering at http://www.score-project.eu it is possible to access information, such as:

Registering is a simple procedure that guarantees not only free access to all portal content and prompt information on key project activities, but also increase the visibility of users who are able to publish their profiles within the On-line ICT directories that allow for searching and contacting other organisations and members.

The new feature recently made available for the users who register, further enhances the networking potential of the SCORE portal. This is namely the ICT Collaborative Network, an interactive working platform that enables the exchange of knowledge, experiences and ideas within the ICT stakeholder community in the Western Balkan Region, and fosters the creation of new international contacts by providing information on current partner searches and project ideas as well.

All the members of the ICT Collaborative Network can effectively promote their own organisations, their skills and capacities, and can disseminate project ideas and identify new possible partners as well. All the members are in fact entitled to post announcements and partner searches, send cumulative e-mail messages to the network, promote events, as well as to add documents and links.

To take advantage of the SCORE portal and the ICT Collaborative Network it is necessary to register at: http://www.score-project.eu !

For any further information on the SCORE portal, please contact Ms. Desiree Pecarz: pecarz@zsi.at.

inserted by Jana MACHACOVA on 2008-04-07 10:07:38