UNDP event for the Information Society in SEE

Conference to be held on 30 June - 1 July in Greece on integrating Southeastern Europe into the information society

A ministerial-level conference will be held on 30 June 1 July 2005 in Thessaloniki, Greece to review the eSEE Agenda, sign a Memorandum of Understanding on broadband for Southeastern Europe, and provide comments for the second phase of the World Summit on the Information Society

The aim of the eSEE Initiative an agreement among six countries in Southeastern Europe (SEE) is to better integrate the region into the global, knowledge-based economy by supporting the development of the information society. The six signatory countries are Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro, Macedonia and Moldova.

UNDP's Bratislava Regional Centre, in consultation with eSEE member states, is conducting an interim impact assessment entitled 'Mid-term evaluation of the implementation of the eSEE Agenda in the Western Balkan countries". This assessment will lead to the next generation of activities for the eSEE Agenda.

This conference will provide an opportunity to synchronize the priorities of the eSEE Agenda with the conditions on the ground in the six countries that signed the agreement. In addition, the conference will increase awareness among the growing number of stakeholders including EU officials of the eSEE Agenda and provide the chance to raise funds needed to fully implement the eSEE Agenda. The hope is that the momentum created will strengthen the efforts of the region to build a sound economic environment as a part of the European integration process.

The countries that will be invited to participate in this ministerial conference are: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Moldova, Serbia and Montenegro, as well as EU accession countries Bulgaria and Romania. Representatives of Turkey, an EU candidate country, will also be present, as well as from UNMIK, the UN interim government in Kosovo.

The organizers of the conference are: the Greek Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Stability Pact for Southeastern Europe, the eSEE Secretariat of the eSEE Agenda Initiative, the UN Economic Commission for Europe, the INA Institute of Greece, and all countries in the region.

For more information, please contact Ms. Nera Nazecic NNazecic@undp.ba, Head of the eSEEurope Secretariat (UNDP Sarajevo) or Yuri Misnikov (UNDP Bratislava) or visit the eSEE's webpage http://www.eseeinitiative.org where you can also download the conference agenda and find more information on the eSEE Agenda.


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