International call for tenders for the selection of the services provider for the project: “Administration of the Pilot Joint Call of the SEE – ERA.NET project”

The General Secretariat for Research and Technology of the Ministry of Development of the Hellenic Republic (GSRT), launches an International Call for Tenders, for an estimated maximum budget of eighty thousand euro (€ 80.000), including all taxes (such as VAT), duties and charges, with sealed Tenders and award criterion the economically most advantageous tender, for the selection of a Contractor for the project «Administration of the Pilot Joint Call of the SEE-ERA.NET project». Given the value of this Contract, this Call does not fall under the provisions of the Directive 2004/18/EC, or the relevant legislation implementing this Directive in the Hellenic Republic.
Participation is open to all individuals, legal entities, groups of companies, or consortia established in a member-state of the European Union, in one of the Associated Countries to the EU Sixth Framework Programme for Research and Development, or in one of the countries of the Western Balkans participating in the SEE-ERA.NET project, according to the laws of such state and having their statutory premises, central administration or central installation in one of these states and that fulfil the legal, financial and technical conditions of the present Call and possess the requested professional experience and adequacy, proven skills and expertise in the fields given below:

· Software programming and consultancy services (CPV 72200000-7)
· Programming services of systems and user software (CPV 72211000-7)
· System maintenance and support services (CPV 72250000-2)
· Help Desk and support services (CPV 72253000-3)
· Database services (CPV 72320000-4)
· Research consultancy services (CPV 73210000-7)
· Project management services, other than for construction works (CPV 74142100-7)
· Administration services (CPV 75100000-7)
· Secretarial and related services (CPV 74830000-6)
· Seminar organisation services (CPV 74861000-2)
· Contract administration services (CPV 74874000-6)
· Administration of research and higher education programs involving mobility of researchers, teachers and students.

The services provided by the Contractor shall involve the following:

(1) The design, development and construction of a web based tool that will allow a web based implementation of the Pilot Joint Call (online application of proposals, online reviewing process by experts, information sharing/statistics etc.). This virtual tool will be integrated in the SEE-ERA.NET website and will include decentralized management of master data (i.e. the master data shall be accessible and changeable for each SEE-ERA.NET partner), external LiveSupport and online help service for the duration of WP4 and WP5, and online training services on how to use this web-tool by each of the SEE-ERA.NET partners.

(2) The development of a project applications reviewers’ database, which shall include information on experienced academics and scientists.

(3) The performance of central administrative duties for the management of the Pilot Joint Call and the Accompanying Measures

This project falls within the ambit of the Southeast European ERA-NET (SEE-ERA.NET) project, Contract no.: ERAC-CT-2004-515805 of the SIXTH FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME, PRIORITY: ERA NET.

Time-limit for receipt of tenders or requests to participate:

Friday, July 7, 2006, at 11:30 am Greek time.


inserted by Florian GRUBER on 2006-06-09 12:00:28