Era Net joint calls in 2007

55% of all ERA-NETs now have or foresee to launch in 2007 joint calls

The year 2006 has been full of progresses on the European Research Area with Era-Nets knitting a tight network of collaborations.

Some 55% of all ERA-NETs now have or foresee to launch in 2007 joint calls. The (national) budgets allocated to these calls has progressed in 2006 to the rate of some 10% per month, reaching to date a total of some 220 Million Euros for the calls already launched. What is even more surprising is that during the selection phase, in all the projects I manage, budgets allocated were increased by Members States due to the quality of proposals received and a virtuous emulation between participant ministries.

A report on Joint Calls was prepared by the European Commission in autumn 2006 and was uploaded in this website.

The new year will bring new challenges :
- launching the first ERA-NET + (we will focus on bridging measures towards Art.169 initiatives)
- co-ordinating a joint call between Commission services for implementing the new ERA-NET scheme : we will see if we, at the Commission, can be as efficient as you who have made a lot of progress on joint calls.

The joint ERA-NET call (FP7-ERA-NET -2007-RTD) and related workprogramme and Guide fro Proposers should be published tomorrow morning, 22-12-06 at


inserted by Peter MAYR on 2006-12-21 15:22:10