Understanding Public Administration: NISPACEE

The Network of Institutions and Schools of Public Administration in Central and Eastern Europe (NISPACEE) has issued a call for applications for the translation of public administration documents from English into CEE languages.

Applications can be made by institutions with professional interest in public administration in Central and Eastern Europe; that is governmental institutions or NISPAcee member institutions from CEE countries. Applicants will have to prove the utility of the translated publications in their countries, the distribution policy, quality of translation, and an ability to cover the distribution costs. The objective of the NISPACEE project is to make publications accessible in national languages, which were developed and published with the aim to provide decision-makers, civil servants and academics from CEE countries with a tool to help them in the transition period and their reform efforts. Deadline: 28.2.2007
More information: http://www.nispa.sk/_portal/page.php?sid=74

inserted by Florian GRUBER on 2007-02-02 16:06:07