Montenegro soon Associated Country in FP7

Info by Tanja Knezevic, MPIN, Montenegro:

"After officially expressing interest to associate into FP7 in December 2006, Montenegro hosted relevant EC Delegation on Friday, 19 January 2007. Mrs Tania Friedrichs(Directorate General for Research) and Mr Giancarlo Caratti (Joint Research Centre) met important officials from the Ministry of Education and Science, Secretariat for European Integrations, the University of Montenegro and members of the Council for the Scientific-Research Activities. They also visited laboratories at the University and met representatives of the research community.

It was announced at this meeting that Montenegro, in accordance with the European Commission procedure, after sending Letter of Understanding in December, commits itself to paying the participation fee. It is expected that the procedure will be finished by the end of April or beginning of May 2007. This is a very important step forward for RTD in Montenegro, since after that Montenegro will become an Associated Country in FP7, whereas so far it has been treated as `the third country`. Association into FP7 will bring many benefits for Montenegro. It will give an opportunity for Montenegrin researchers and research teams to participate as project coordinators and managers, to use fellowships and EU funds, gives opportunities for them for internship and work at the institues in the EU countries, etc."

inserted by Florian GRUBER on 2007-02-15 16:35:39