Networking and match-making opportunities for business and RTD stakeholders from European regions committed to Lisbon Agenda. The most relevant SEE-ERA.NET project activities will be presented at this important first meeting. - Please register under

Under the high patronage of the Committee of the Regions, the already traditional Nova Gorica Forum addressing pertinent issues of implementing Lisbon Agenda in European regions takes place this year between May 31 June 02, 2007 in Nova Gorica, Slovenia. The event is co-organized by Nova Gorica Municipality, SBRA, and the Slovenian Government Department for Local Government and Regional Policy.

The focus of EREF-2007 is public RTD funding and communication, as well as the role of structural funding in support of knowledge-based competitiveness.

Besides stakeholders from business and RTD, representatives of national, regional and local authorities, as well as those of EU institutions, European associations and networks will exchange views on good practice in creating conditions for successful Lisbon-type reforms and making RTD the backbone of their development effort.

In addition, a day prior to EREF-2007, SBRA as secretariat of the Research, Innovation and Business Network for Central and South-eastern Europe (RIBN) is organizing the third RIBN Business Forum (May 30, 2007), which will introduce the activities of SEE-ERA Net, the Canadian support for international research cooperation, and the EU Financial Advisory Service.

There is no participation fee for either of the two events.

For more information on EREF-2007 and RIBN Business Forum, as well as to register, please go to

Croatia, Flanders, Lombardia, and Turkey have been invited to be the guest regions of EREF-2007.

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