EU Presidency Germany: WBC Steering Platform Meeting with SEE-ERA.NET as Key Player

Berlin 29th March 2007

Invited by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research in Germany and by the DG Research in the European Commission, the SEE-ERA.NET coordinator will present latest project developments to all participants of the Steering Platform meeting.

The invited participants come from all Member States and candidate and potential candidate countries.

The Steering Platform, which was launched by the European Commission and the Austrian Council Presidency in June 2006, plays a central role to stimulate, monitor, coordinate and support the cooperation in research and technological development (RTD) between the countries of the European Union and of the Western Balkan Countries (WBC). It is a forum for exchange of information and of views and recommendations on the RTD policy in and towards the WBCs and to establish a common information base.

inserted by Florian GRUBER on 2007-03-13 15:32:21