Funded Projects

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Networking (NP) and Research Projects (RP)

IDTypeTitleFieldInstitution CoordinatorCountry Coordinator
10724NPGlobal epidemiology of phytoplasma diseases of economic importance in Southeast Europe. (Network PHYTOPLASMA-EPIDEMIO)SEE-ERA.NET sustainable productionInstitut National de la Recherche Agronomique/ Department of Plant Health and Environment (SPE)/ UMR-1090 Génomique Diversité et Pouvoir Pathogène/France
9902RPDevelopment of a non-toxic, ecologically compatible, natural-resource based insecticide from diatomaceous earth deposits of South Eastern Europe to control stored-product insect pestsSEE-ERA.NET sustainable productionAgricultural University of Athens/ Department of Plant Science/ Laboratory of Agriculural Zoology and Entomology/Greece
10105RPUnderstanding Ionic Liquids as Novel Solvent in Green ChemistrySEE-ERA.NET sustainable productionFaculty of Science - University of Zagreb/ Department of Chemistry/ Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry/Croatia
10237RPPhenotyping and genotyping of cereal genetic resources to improve tolerance to abiotic and biotic stressesSEE-ERA.NET sustainable productionAgricultural Research Institute/ Department of Cereal Resistance Breeding / Hungary
10491NPRecreation of the BALKAN NET, a network of conservation bodies in countries sharing continuous large carnivore populationsEnvironmentARCTUROS NGO/ Scientific team/ Greece
10503RPBuilding Language Resources and Translation Models for Machine Translation focused on South Slavic and Balkan LanguagesSEE-ERA.NET ICTResearch Institute for Artificial Intelligence/ Human Language Technology/ Romania
10845RPContinuous water quality monitoring in surface waters at Monenegro and SerbiaEnvironmentEuropean Economic Interest Grouping/ Environmental Technologies/ Greece
10369RPDevelopment of Molecular Tools for FIG genetic resources characterization and preservation in West Balkan CountriesBiotechnologyUniversity of Primorska/ Science and Research Centre of Koper (UP SRC)/ Institute for Mediterranean Agriculture and Olive Growing/ Slovenia
10506RPDefinition of research needs on identification, prediction and surveillance of emerging and re-emerging zoonoses in West Balkan area.MicrobiologyFaculty of Medicine/ University of Pristina/Kosovska Mitrovica/ Preventive Medicine/ Serbia
10326RPDistribution and initial molecular characterization of enterohaemorrhagic E. coli (EHEC) specific virulence factors of E. coli strains isolated from domestic animals and man: an assessment of zoonotic significance in the West Balkan.SEE-ERA.NET sustainable productionVeterinary Medical Research Institute/ Enteric Bacteriology and Foodborne Zoonosis/ Hungary
10859RPImmobilized Yeast Cells in Hydrogel Carriers for Bioproduction of AlcoholsBiotechnologyInstitute of Polymers/ Polymer Chemistry/ Polymerization Processes/Bulgaria
10004NPA Collaborative South East Europe Seismic Network (CoSEESNet):Towards Early Warning System and Real Time Seismic Monitoring in South East EuropeGeophysicsNational Observatory of Athens/ Institute of Geodynamics/ Greece
10096NPRegional forest management support needs – comparative user requirements analysis with regional stakeholder groups in Balkan countries and middle and eastern European countries Re-FOR-MANEnvironmentDresden University of Technology/ Institute for Soil Science and Site Ecology/ Forest-/ Geo- and Hydrosciences/ Germany
10023RPUse of Prescribed burning in Middle-East and South East Europe EcologyUniversity of West Hungary/ Faculty of Forestry / Institute of Silviculture and Forest Protection/ Department of Forest Protection/Hungary
10035NPThe importance of chlamydia infections in birds for animal and human health in Southeastern Europe.ZoologyUniversity of Ljubljana, Veterinary faculty/ Institut for Health Care of Poultry/ Laboratory for diagnostics of infectious poultry diseases/Slovenia
9909RPInteractive Visual Analysis of Bio-signalsSEE-ERA.NET ICTJozef Stefan Institute/ Department of Communication Systems/ Slovenia
9608RPLandscape and regional context of insect agrobiodiversity in Southeastern Europe: a pilot survey of selected hemipteran pests, their parasitoids and predators, and bee pollinator diversityEnvironmentFaculty of Biology/ Department of Zoology/ Laboratory for Entomology/Serbia
9633RPPhenotypic and genotypic characterization of Pasteurella multocida and Mannheimia haemolytica strains isolated from sheep and goats originated from Greece, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.MicrobiologyAristotle University of Thessaloniki/ Faculty of Veterinary Medicine/ Laboratory of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases/ Greece
10648NPMulti-functional management of coppice forests.Contributions to rural development, maintainance of biodiversity, and climate change mitigation and adaptation in natural resource management. SEE-ERA.NET sustainable productionUniversity of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences/ Vienna/ Department of Forest and Soil Science/ Institute of Silviculture/Austria
10522NPUse of lactic acid bacteria in production ofhypoallergenic dairy products, and for thegeneration of mild antimicrobialsMolecular BiologyInstitut National de La Recherche Agronomique/ Unité Biopolymères Interactions Assemblages (BIA)/ Fonctions et Interactions des Protéines Laitières (FIPL)/France
10193RPExploring the molecular biodiversity of medicinal and aromatic plantsBiotechnologyMediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania/ Natural Products and Biotechnology/ Greece
10627RPPopulation genetics of a highly invasive insect pest EcologyInstitut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA) - Centre d'Orléans / Département EFPA - Ecologie des forêts, prairies et milieux aquatiques/ Unité de Zoologie Forestière/France
10374RPDevelopment of Strategy and Methods for Monitoring of Elecromagnetic Pollution in the Environment of the Western BalkansEnvironmentSpace Research Institute/ Department of Aerospace management systems/ Bulgaria
10561RPUse of SNPs and SSRs for genetic diversity assessment within cultivated olive germplast from Western Balkan CountriesPlant BiologyMediterranean Agronomic Institute at Chania/ Horticultural Genetics & Biotechnology/Greece
10452RPAn integrated strategy to assess and evaluatewater quality of Lake ShkodraEnvironmentUniversity of Heidelberg/ Department of Zoology/ Sediment toxicity and integrated monitoring group/Germany
9527RPMajor allergens in apple and olive fruits.BiotechnologyAristotle University of Thessaloniki/ Biology/ Botany/Greece

Summer Schools

IDInstitution CoordinatorCountry CoordinatorTitleField
9945University of Pannonia Dept. of LimnologyHungaryToxic cyanobacteria in drinking water sources - problem and sanitationEnvironment
10680Groupe des Ecoles de Télécommunications/Institut National des Télécommunications Foreighn Languages and Social Sciences GET eLearningFranceEuropean Association for Technology-Enhanced Learning (EATEL) Summer School 2008SEE-ERA-NET ICT
9898Central Laboratory of General Ecology Functional Ecology Functioning of Terrestrial Ecosystems Reseach GroupBulgaria"Summer school on ""Biomonitoring methods for air quality in natural and man-made environment"" (Biometh-Air)"Environment
10485Technical University of Sofia Department of HydroaerodynamicsBulgariaSummer School on Build EnvironmentSEE-ERA-NET Environment
10207Hungarian Meteorological Service Climatological DepartmentHungarySummer school on Preparation of Climate Atlas, 10-14 September 2007Environment